About Us

"Run by Charities, for Charities,
The way it was meant to be."

3120 N. Buckner Boulevard

Dallas, TX  75228


Closed Monday thru Wednesday

Open Thursday thru Sunday

Sessions 7:35pm and 9:00pm


Paper pricing is subject to change, please speak with a Hall Representative for details.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to Everyone.

Our Christmas Party will be Thursday, December 22th. We are starting at 7:35pm.

Jupiter, Arapaho and I-30 will be open for regular business.



Maxed Out Full Pay Computer Prices

Everyday - $18.00


Everyday Paper Prices

9-ON Full Pay Sheet only $4.00

3-ON Full Pay Sheet only $2.00


Paper Specials

Every Thursday Thru Saturday

9-ON Full Pay Sheet $3.00

3-ON Full Pay Sheet $1.00


Every Sunday

9-ON Full Pay Sheet $4.00

3-ON Full Pay Sheet $2.00


Special Events

Every Thursday - Win a 2 session computer and a 9-ON Sheet free for the whole weekend.

Every Sunday - Giveaways - TV, Pack of Lottery Tickets, Etc.

English Bingo Everyday


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